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Our team

The efficiency of our work depends on our team work. We work with a slogan “All for one and one for all”. Our team has been around since the first days of the company creation, so we seem to be a big family. Meanwhile of course we have new teammates, who integrate into our family quickly with our help. We treat our subscribers like family members too, we know all of them by sight as they have been together with us since the first days. And we are always ready to welcome new teammates.
  • Armen Andreasyan
    Founder and Director
    Concerned to provide affordable and quality internet connection in my region, I founded internet connection company “Armcom” in 2017. My daily work mission is to create the best conditions for our subscribers, in which my team helps me with its compassionate and caring work. I have taken on corporate responsibility pursuing a goal to improve the community life through my work.
  • Karen Mkrtchyan
    Head of IT Department
    I have been involved in the creation of company ''Armcom'' since the very first days when it was still an idea. Since the first day of its creation until today I handle all the technical issues (assembling a new network, faster internet etc.). We plan to enlarge the coverage and to make the internet connection obtainable for many people. Our slogan is ''There is no unsolvable problem''.
  • Greta Baghramyan
    Head of Marketing and Public Relations department
    I joined “Armcom” since May 2019. From the very first days I started the organization of city event with the purpose of raising awareness about company. We create valuable offer with the aim of gaining the loyalty of our subscribers, investing new technologies, showing individual treatment towards each of our subscriber. My slogan is “think big, but be detail-oriented”.
  • Marine Apresyan
    Senior Operator
    I joined company Armcom in 2020. Every day I communicate with my subscribers with love and patience, reply to all questions. And only then systemize my work so that our subscribers have uninterrupted internet. My favorite part of job is introducing packages and coordinating connections.
  • Maria Aghajanyan
    Junior operator
    Our company handles our subscribers' suggestions and complaints, and I get busy implementing the mission of those inquiries with love. I transfer the results of inquiries to the marketing and technical department in order to give the fastest possible feedback to each inquiry. Also I remind about the payments, which is another reason to communicate again with our beloved subscribers.
  • Harut Nersisyan
    Operator of Technical Department
    I had heard about ''Armcom'' a long time ago, then I received a connection worker job offer. After my work I got and opportunity to move up a corporate ladder. Now I am a service operator and I handle and reply to all technical issues of subscribers with love.